How much are classes?

You have the ability to customize your membership to suit your wants and needs.  For this reason, we don't give out pricing online or on the phone.  We highly recommend coming in for your FREE trial class to see what you get from our Academy and see if we're the right fit for you!   

CONTACT US to book your trial class.

My child has ADD/ADHD.  Can He/she participate?

Most definitely.  We highly recommend Martial arts for all children, especially those with attention issues.  It won't be long before you see a difference in your child.  Please be sure to let us know of any medication that may affect your child's ability to participate in class.

See our page dedicated to the topic HERE.

Can your classes help me with self defence?

Absolutely!  Muay Thai and Grappling are both amazing for self defence.  If you have an immediate concern about your physical safety, you can contact Sifu Nic for personalized self defence lessons for your situation.  Please get immediate help if you are in a truly bad situation.

I want to spar, when can I come in?

Unfortunately we don't offer the option for sparring alone.  Safety is our #1 priority and we only allow Members in our advanced program who have shown they have great control over their techniques to attend those classes.  We have a rough timeline of 3-6 months, but it varies greatly with each individual and needs to be okay'ed by Sifu Nic.