Jessica McCutcheon


Jessica is first and foremost a proud mom of 2 little Ninjas!  She is the co-owner of Black Lotus Kickboxing and is always grateful when she gets the opportunity to step away from the computer to instruct one of the classes or the opportunity to coach athletes at a kickboxing event. 

She enjoys teaching all levels of Children, Women and Co-Ed kickboxing classes and is always eager to show the community how amazing Black Lotus is at events!

Jessica is one of the highest ranking members at the Dojo and has been a competitive member both locally and intercontinentally.  She has been training consistently under Sifu Nic for 3 years with no intentions on stopping!

Kickboxing and Martial Arts instantly became an obsession for her, after 30 years with no athletic experience.  Jessica has continued training, with 2 very young kids in tow, despite many of life's challenges.  She takes a very strong "no excuses" stance and believes that your body and mind must be a priority!  She believes in nourishing the body with amazing food and creating a strong mind through Martial Arts, Mindfulness and Laughter!

Team Canada Training Camp - South Africa Competition - 2017

Team Canada Training Camp - South Africa Competition - 2017