Sifu Nic Langman

Sifu Nic Langman's journey began in the fall of 2002 at 20 years old and struggling with personal challenges and chronic health problems.  He and a close friend decided to try shorin-ryu karate and he immediately fell in love with it.  “All I wanted to do was train.” remembers Sifu Nic. 

After spending many years studying under Master Gill Gauthier, Nic was introduced to Maudian “Super Mario” Serbinek, who's Muay Thai influenced style of kickboxing brought his level of training and skill set to the next level.  Along the way, Sifu Nic also studied Tai Chi under Master Ian Sinclair, who also teaches out of Orillia.  Master Ian's Shuai Jiao (Chinese wrestling) training and Tai Chi principles were a big help in securing victories at both the Provincial and National levels of full contact San-da.

Sifu Nic Langman's passion for martial arts and combat sports is what propels him to get people involved in combat sports training for fitness, well being and peace of mind.

Nic's accomplishments so far include:

  • Intercontinental Competitor - Silver Medal, 2017 South Africa;

  • Bronze medal, Pan Am Games - Mexico, 2016;

  • World Amateur Sumo Champion, Thailand - 2015;

  • Canadian National Kickboxing Champion - 2015 & 2017;

  • 2x National San Da Champion;

  • OBBWC Kickboxing World Champion;

  • 1st Degree Black Belt, Japanese Karate;

  • Professional MMA Trainer and Licensed Corner;

  • Licensed Muay Thai Judge and Referee;

  • Assistant Coach, Team Canada, Thailand, 2015.