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The women’s fight fitness class at Black Lotus is that impossible to find, nearly perfect, exercise class. First and foremost, it is an absolute blast! By the time class is over, you will feel as though it has just begun. Secondly, there is no better way to achieve a total body transformation! If you are looking for strong shoulders, a tight core and powerful, shapely legs, there is no better way to get them/ Lastly. Sifu Nic Langman is the ultimate trainer. He is encouraging, knowledgeable, and truly cares about the success of every student who walks through his door. So there you have it. Women’s fight fitness is fun, a thorough total body workout and Sifu Nic is what are you waiting for?
— Michelle Cotton
Great environment and awesome people to train with. Black Lotus kickboxing offers classes that will bring you up to the next level. Sifu Nic Langman is very knowledgable in combat training and he is always ready to help me achieve my goals.
— Serge Rochon
Seriously the best workouts with the most amazing people imaginable! Class is always exciting and never the same thing; no time to be bored! You constantly hear students commenting on how fast the hour (or two!) went!

I came in without knowing anything about kickboxing and never for a moment did I feel unwelcome! Definitely give it a try, you’ll be hooked for life (and more fit than ever)!
— Jessica McCutcheon
I’ve Been involved with combat training and fitness for more of my life than not; This welcoming environment and amazing member-base will change your life if you’re new or revitalize your spirit if you’re experienced. After Black Lotus Kickboxing, you’ll never think of fitness the same- constant challenges to improve for beginners and advanced, young and old, in shape or out.
— Scott Bridge
The classes all have great instruction and you can’t beat the atmosphere of being in this gym! There is a class for everyone, and each class pushes you to the next level! This is a great way to break through mental barriers and achieve personal and athletic growth.
— Duncan Ruttle
First off, I can’t say enough about Sifu Nic. His character speaks for itself. He is an amazing teacher/trainer! The atmosphere of the club is unbeatable; all of the members are awesome!

The level of training is amazing and you see insanely fast improvement within everyone. You always leave feeling amazing!
— Steve Higgins